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Monday, 14 August 2017

Will Sarada Be Able To Find Her Father (Sasuke)

Hi fans of Boruto who are waiting to see what will happen in the upcoming episode with the two new villians that appeared in the ending part of Boruto Episode 19 which states that the action of Boruto just began, now today we will know weather Sarada will see her father or not? 

In the previous episode of Boruto (episode 19) we all see Sarada gathering more information about her dad (Sasuke)
and also searching about her biological mother in which she haven't find out who she is yet, but that is what we would be probably be talking about tomorrow. The main thing here now is that will Sarada be able to find her father.
Well most of us don't know yet while some that does read manga knows that Sarada will find her father but not in the upcoming episode it will probably be at episode 21 because of the new and unknown boy with sharingan appeared on their way, and also the one that attacked sasuke on his way.

Well we fans of Boruto all see Naruto telling Sarada that "He will be taking Sarada to see her father".

Well I think that Sarada will now be able to find her father easily with the help of the seventh hokage (Naruto) and this will give her the opportunity to ask about her real mother in which will later know who she is maybe it's either Karin or Sakura.

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