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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Who is Sarada Real Mother(Karin or Sakura)

In our previous post we talked if sarada would be able to find her real father, now today we will be talking about sarada real mother weather it's either karin or sakura.
Well in the previous episode of Boruto we all see sarada confused at the moment on how sakura dosen't know the movement of her dad and also don't know who her real mother is before she now see the picture of sasuke's team where karin

was also included in the picture standing towards sasuke, wearing the same glass as sarada's own.
Well to my own opinion!
When i was going through Boruto manga series(before Boruto Episode 1 came out) i found out that sakura went to search for sasuke on his mission, in a while later she got pregnant for sasuke and on the day of her birth sasuke took her to a place nearer which was karin's place, which led sakura gave birth to sarada at karin place that was what does not allow sarada birth records to be in the village, and they later figured out that she had an eyes problem which led karin to give sasuke her glasses as a gift for sarada to use.
I'd guess i will give it a full stop right now please kindly comment your Suggestions and share this post