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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Top 3 Abilities Of The Jougan

Hi Boruto fans who had been watching Boruto for the past few months with his actions, now we can see the new eye kishimoto published on Boruto right eye named Jougan, in which some of us had been wondering that, WHAT COULD BE THE ABILITIES OF THIS EYE?? Well today i will be listing out 3 abilities of this eye in which i know.
1. Transportation Justu: well this is one of the ability of the eye in which Boruto created during the fight between Mituski and Sumire, which can transport Humans and things form one dimension to another or one place to another.
2. Ability to see chakra point: this eye also have the ability to see chakra point just as he used to see NUE chakra point in Episode 15 during the fight between them
3. Teleportation: well most of us haven't seen Boruto eye do this before i also haven't seen him do this before but id guess this eye will also have the ability to do this because is kinda similar to sasuke sharin-renniegan.
So this is where i will call it a full stop but if u have any suggestions kindly comment below, share our post and invite your friends to Borutoseries. U will be welcomed