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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Top 10 Known and Unknown Justu Of Boruto Uzumaki

Hi guys today I will be about the KNOWN and UNKNOWN justu of Boruto Uzumaki. Now in short Boruto Uzumaki is the son of Naruto and Hinata which has a special dojojustu different from his parents which gives him a special eye name JOUGAN in which we haven't seen the abilities yet but one is been spotted out of its ability now I be telling you guys about the KNOWN and UNKNOWN Justu of his.
1. Transportation Justu
This is the first justu created by his eye during the battle between Sumire and Mituski, with this eye he can Transport Things and Human from a place to Dimensions, from one dimension to another.
2. Lightening shuriken
well this is also part of this Justin yet to be seen but I'd guess he would be able to do the justu since he has an (unseen)lightening style.
3. Chidori:
This justu is also yet to be seen but it seem that this will also be  one of his justu as we have seen him use lightening style in Boruto movie.
4. Rasengan
We have seen Boruto use this justu twice in the movie although he is yet to master it but I'd guess he will soon start learning it through the arrival of sasuke in the village.
5. Water Style
This also one of the justu he used in the movie although he used one kinda tech to activate it but am sure he's gonna master since he knows the stance
6. Wind style
This would be a justu of him inherited from his dad.
7. Lightening style
8. Shadow clones
9. Rasengan-Chidori
This could be a justu Boruto will create in the future just by fusing the Rasengan and Chidori together to form a huge attack on someone.
10. Teleportation
am not sure of this but he could gain this power from his eye or inherit it from his father.
So this is the information I could gather for u guys I would like you to kindly LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT your suggestions.. See you on another post