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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Spoilers:Sakura Is The Real Mother Of Sarada(confirmed)

In my previous post about sarada doubting about who her real mother is in which we don't know if it's either Karin or Sakura. But it's been revealed and confirmed that Sakura is the real mother of Sarada.
while I was going through the manga series of boruto then I encountered this images.

Yes but most of us is still confused because sarada looks a lot like Karin other than Sakura her mother.

In the hideout cave where the rest of the members of Taka apart from Sasuke now stay, an umbilical chord is found (basically kept) and Sarada’s DNA matches with it. Since it is in the hide out it’s believed to be of Karin’s and not Sakura’s. Karin later clarifies that that umbilical chord was in fact of Sakura. Karin helped delivering Sarada while Sasuke and Sakura were on a mission. That’s why there’s no record of Sarada’s birth in any hospital.

Also, this has been noted that the above theory might not be true. Her eyesight might have been weak since birth and in fact it is not that uncommon in real life too.
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