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Monday, 21 August 2017

Spoilers: Who Are The Two New Villains In Boruto Episode 20

The ongoing arc is part of Naruto Gaiden, which luckily for you my friend, I recently read. That small kid called Shin Uchiha, and the curious masked guy, are Orochimaru’s failed genetic experiments. They use what Orichimaru did to Danzo, that is they are implanted with Sharingaan’s here and there, and the original one even has it over his arms and all.

The small kid is actually the clone of the big mysterious guy, aka villain number two. The ability of this guy is to create clones, and there was apparently some small thing like a white zetsu thing with an eye which gave him some power, or something…. Actually, its one of the moot points in the arc. Point is, don’t focus too much on these two villians, these are kind of filler episodes, the major focus is on Sarada Uchiha.

The point of this arc is not so much about the villains, but some major plot development for Sarada.

Sarada will unlock the Sharingaan, meet Sasuke for the first time, find out she is Sasuke’s and Sakura’s daughter, despite the misleading evidence9 you will get that when you see it), and fun part, you will see Suigetsu and Karin again!

The villains were highly improvised if you ask me, and this was just some short arc I believe. After this, the story will pick up from the Boruto manga, or so I believe, right after the movie, I think.

It is a bit confusing though, as anime and the two mangas are all doing their own thing, but still, I think the anime would catch up.

P.S.- I actually told you everything I read in manga, in a summarised form, even though your original question was about the villians. I hope that’s okay, since we are both fans and all. Boruto is getting to be a good series.